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Sue Denson, Ceramic Artist

Sue Denson

I have been a ceramicist and ceramic teacher for the whole of my adult life. Landscape and the human form have been the stimulus for the majority of my work, this has transmuted into pieces that have a life of their own depicting form and movement as observed and experienced in the natural world.

I have used fine white stoneware and paper clay for my work in recent years these are a stark contrast to the previous sculptural forms which were made in brick clay; I have produced textures that suggest the patterns made by water running over sandy beaches. The flowing shapes are produced by hanging clay over hump moulds made from parts of the human body, using gravity to pull the clay naturally into folds giving an untouched surface within the forms.

My latest work is made in paper clay. Again my inspiration is the human form. I have enjoyed the freedom that this medium gives me when producing small sculptural forms. The complex issues of constructing ceramic forms are largely minimised, with no real firing problems.

Sue Denson, PDD, PGCE, BA, MA.

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